The Love Story

In 2007 a Love story began, a Love story which was to be like no other,

Once a upon a time.... idea to create the perfect bottle of water , a bottle which stood out from all the rest. An exquisite and glamorous bottle the world could fall in Love with, Love h2o was evolving. It was to become a unique bottle of spring water, hand crafted and adorned with Swarovski Elements, each bottle unique and individualised with a distinctive number. Lovingly bottled at Wenlock Spring, deep below the Shropshire Hills.

The most glamorous bottle the world had ever seen arrived, and Love Limited Edition was born.

The world was falling in Love, so as with every Love affair Love Limited Edition introduced more glamour, which was to become Love Vodka.

It was vital to find a smooth vodka which would match the exquisite taste of such a distinguished bottle. Our search unearthed a Polish Potato Vodka, dating back some 120 years and from the moment we tasted it we knew, it was the one. The only vodka which would perfectly compliment such a luxurious bottle, with a taste like no other.

And so the Love story continues...